The Grind

built from the ground up

The Grind is a unique coffee shop concept that will be located near a Boston-area university. What’s different about The Grind is that we’ve designed it as a social business – one that puts community development before personal rewards, with profits supporting innovative programs and charitable causes chosen by our community members.

The Grind will serve as a meeting space for people who believe that the world’s problems can be solved through the confluence of collaboration, innovation, and social action. More than customers, our community members will take a leading role in developing the identity of The Grind through programs and events that will stimulate the mind, promote dialogue, and encourage us all to do something that matters.

We chose the name The Grind, because it conveys the type of action - the hustle - that's needed to get things done. The Grind will be truly "built from the ground up" with the support of our community members who'll be with us every step of the way.

We envision The Grind as an open, honest, and comfortable space.

Imagine a shop with counters and tables made of recycled wood, and hardwood floors, brick walls, big windows, an industrial ceiling, and cozy lounge furniture. Its bookshelves are filled with great reads, student art adorns the walls, and a small corner stage brings it all together.

Our team members will be friendly and motivated, and will make you feel at home. Customers are called community members, and we'll work with you to establish book clubs, running groups, and other ways to gather in and out of the shop. Every dollar you spend contributes to an innovative project or cause, and you can even pay it forward with a suspended coffee.

We'll provide ethically purchased and responsibly produced coffee and teas from all corners of the world. Specialty coffees will be our specialty, and we'll feature new flavors each week. Plus, we'll work with local bakeries to provide the best baked goods in town.

With your support, we plan to open early next year. Want to help us make this happen? Be sure to join our community for updates and to provide feedback.

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